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Client Content | Overcoming the Challenge of Extreme Obesity

For those who have tried but have been unable to lose weight, there is additional help

Written by Darrin F. Hansen MD, FACS
A major source of confidence and self contentment occurs when overcoming obstacles or challenges. These challenges may be mental, physical or situational. Each person has different challenges often based on their environment,exposure, innate or developed ability and education.

Almost two-thirds of Utahns and Americans in general, are overweight or obese. For many, it has become a burden or challenge in day-to-day living. If excess weight is one of those issues, take steps to move the dial on the scale toward better health and self improvement.

There are many diets, programs and suggestions to help people lose the pounds that will result in better health and function; however, not all programs will work for all people.

If you have made effort but just can’t seem to keep the weight off, consider weight loss surgery. It is proven successful and safer than it used to be, especially with newer options such as the Lap-Band. It's not for everybody but learn about whether it is right for you. Lap Band surgery has been a great benefit to many individuals who continue to struggle for success in other options. It is offered to those who are significantly heavy, where staying at that weight is known to cause a higher degree of medical problems, limit activity and even shorten life span. Many weight-related conditions can be improved or resolved.

Article Reviewed: June 15, 2012
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Darrin F. Hansen M.D., F.A.C.S

If you or someone you know is struggling with severe obesity and suffering from related health conditions, Utah Lap Band can help! We specialize in the Lap-Band System surgery and long-term patient management to help our patients take control of their obesity and regain their health.
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